Me, dosing Trill Pills MCT CBD oil before an important meeting. Photo by Krystal Gabel

I say, CBD for Confidence

I took six drops of Extra Strength MCT CBD oil from earlier today. I had an important meeting, and I was nervous! My heart was racing. I was doubting myself. It's hard to be confident when you are shaking like a kitten on the inside!

The Trill Pills MCT CBD oil, in particular, hits me fast. I put the drops under my tongue, swished it around, and was calm within minutes. Sometimes the relief from my anxiety happens so fast that I don't even realize I'm feeling better!

Trill Pills MCT CBD oil really has been a game changer when it comes to regulating my body and mental focus. I love that I know where this hemp is grown and that it is created without chemical solvents.

Plus, Trill Pills CBD products are 100% legal in the U.S. and ship directly to your door. I don't have to go into a dispensary to get my medicine.


I personally like the mid-range, Extra Strength MTC oil with 750mg CBD per 30ml bottle. Each drop contains approximately 1.25mg of CBD. I take between 7.5mg (6 drops) and 12.5 mg (10 drops) before bed, or whenever my anxiety kicks in and I feel like I've lost some control.

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Some people may prefer half the dosage (the Regular Strength 300mg bottle) or double the dosage (the Super Strength 1,500 mg bottle).

This 2020 National Institute of Health article talks about how CBD dosing and efficacy for social anxiety depends on your physiology.

You determine your CBD dose by starting low and slowly adding drops to your regimen. What I take may not seem like much, but CBD can accumulate in your body if you take it often enough, as it has a half life of up to 5 days.

Watch this Trill Pills video to help you with your first dose.

Trill Pills MCT CBD oil, Extra Strength, 750mg. Photo by Krystal Gabel

CBD research

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has hundreds of reports dating back more than a decade on cannabidiol (that is, CBD) and its potential treatment for anxiety. In this 2019 double CBD case study, 79.2% and 66.7% of patients experienced an improvement in anxiety and sleep in the first 30 days.

Another 2020 scientific article on CBD and anxiety states that "CBD is well tolerated and effective in studies of social anxiety during public speaking tasks."

About Trill Pills MCT CBD oil

Trill Pills MCT CBD oil is a blend of full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD and coconut MCT oil.

Trill Pills grow their hemp plants near Boulder, Colorado, and create this product using a lipid-based extraction method without any solvents. It's best to avoid chemical solvents whenever possible, especially when internally consuming CBD.

Specifically, this product includes only 3 ingredients: whole-plant hemp, medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil, and filtered water.

Close-up of the Trill Pills MCT CBD oil bottle. Photo by Krystal Gabel
Trill Pills MCT CBD oil contains only three ingredients. Photo by Krystal Gabel

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